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Unfortunately this version of the site did not quite go to plan! As you may be aware the graphs and data on the site died a couple of years ago. I got involved in a couple of other interesting projects and these have shown me some lovely open source tools for managing the large volumes of data that are in this site. We plan to start work on the new version in the next couple of weeks and expect to have a new version of the site up and running in the summer. Thanks for your continued interest in the site. [2013.02.02]


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Top jobs

Top 5 skills by volume of jobs
Skill Av. Salary No. of Jobs  
Developer £50,586 1,299 Find Jobs
SQL £46,272 1,035 Find Jobs
Analyst £48,727 936 Find Jobs
C++ £54,987 924 Find Jobs
C £55,169 919 Find Jobs
Top 5 locations by volume of jobs
Location Av. Salary No. of Jobs  
London £62,134 1,963 Find Jobs
Manchester £35,781 124 Find Jobs
Epping £58,024 119 Find Jobs
Reading £42,719 88 Find Jobs
Cambridge £41,747 87 Find Jobs
Top 5 spoken languages by volume of jobs
Language Av. Salary No. of Jobs  
English £56,483 356 Find Jobs
German £39,636 147 Find Jobs
French £54,667 145 Find Jobs
Dutch £24,500 100 Find Jobs
Spanish £52,875 27 Find Jobs
Top 5 Jobs by average salary
Skill Av. Salary No. of Jobs  
Adabas Natural £10,000,000 6 Find Jobs
OpenTV £750,000 1 Find Jobs
RequisitePro £450,000 6 Find Jobs
SAP Security Consultant £135,000 1 Find Jobs
Network Designer £120,000 2 Find Jobs
Top 5 Jobs by daily rate
Skill Av. Rate No. of Jobs  
CMMI £900 15 Find Jobs
DB2 £800 30 Find Jobs
Service Manager £760 19 Find Jobs
SAP SD £750 22 Find Jobs
FRONT ARENA £744 17 Find Jobs

This graph shows the total demand for jobs from one of our content sources and is a good indication of the overall strength of the IT market at any time. This is an interesting one to watch as quite clearly shows the dot com crash of 2001.

All-jobs-posted-by-month_smooth All-jobs-posted-by-jobtype-by-month_smooth